Sunday, April 17, 2005

Dinosaur Jr on the Late Late Show

I never saw the original lineup of Dinosaur Jr or any lineup thereafter. I saw J Mascis and the Fog a few years ago and it was about as tossed off and sad as this (only much louder). I'm going to be a cliche and say that my favorite Dinosaur Jr record is 1987's You're Living All Over Me but I like all of them at least a little (the last few very little) and while I never saw the band perform, I've heard enough bootlegs and seen enough of these tv performances over the years to know that my one Mascis live experience wasn't a fluke; he's only ever been a really fantastic guitarist in the studio. Still, this is ridiculous. It's getting worse as he gets older. Lou and Murph do their best to keep up as Mascis fumbles his way through "The Lung". At least pick a song you can do decent rendition of if you're going be on national television. There are points during this performance when both Lou and Murph look like they are about ready to call the whole thing off so I wonder how long this tour will last.

Or maybe I'm just being a jerk... maybe it was just a bad night and the tour will be mind-blowing. I'll go see them if I get half a chance anyway. It starts off promising but after mascis stops playing so he can sing the first verse (?!), he never really recovers. At the very least, it made me want to listen to the album.

Dinosaur Jr - "The Lung" Live on the Late Late Show video clip (free registration is required to download the video)


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