Friday, March 24, 2006

[Something About Movie Trailers]

Lady in the Water
This is how you make a great teaser. I've never been a huge fan of Shish Kabob's other movies but this really intrigued me so I went looking for more information about it. This was disappointing. A bunch of apartment residents helping a fairy get home. There is a much more interesting story in this teaser than that. Someone should tell it.

The Devil and Daniel Johnston
I've been waiting for this film for a long time. In fact, it had been so long since I heard anything new that I had pretty much forgotten about it until it debuted at Sundance last year. There aren't many other musicians around today who really need to make music in the same sense that other people need to breathe. His music is some of the most honest, guileless and intimate that I've ever heard and its always been ashame that many people (at least in America) just can't seem to get past the often ragged presentation to really hear it. The good part - maybe this movie will change that just a little. The bad - whether this film is well received or not, in 10 years or so there will probably be a big stinky hollywood biopic. Joy.

Marie Antoinette
Fantastic trailer. At this point I don't care about the dubious casting or anything else people have mentioned. This trailer is perfect. Everyone has been talking about the use of the New Order song and whether its inspired or silly. I think its great and it totally captures tragic/romantic teenage girl angle to the story that Sophia Coppola seems to be going for. Now, if the entire film turns to be full of pop songs, that's another story...

High Score
I'm conflicted. A film about a grown man trying to beat the world Missile Command record. I want to cheer him on through my tears of pity.

A Scanner Darkly
I dont get why the computer rotoscoping pisses some people off. Whatever problems Waking Life may have had, It looked amazing and just as alien and dream-like as it should have. The decision to use the same technique for Scanner Darkly is more of a leap but I think it looks wonderful. Reportedly, the film stays very close to the Philip Dick source novel, which would make it maybe the first and only Dick adaptation able to make such a claim.

And yeah yeah I know, Keanu is still doing the teeange surfer dude thing but it somehow works for me. Either he has become a much better actor over the years or I have just become more used to him. Probably a little of both.


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